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The Rooted-Live Story

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In 2018 my heart became burdened for women to pick up their own Bibles and study God’s Word. 

A Heart for Women to Grow Strong Roots

As I observed the way women were connecting with God’s Word, I saw a reliance on devotionals and Bibles left on the bookshelf. 

Somehow the “current” Christian woman had moved away from reading God’s Word, meditating on what she had just read, and listening to the teaching of the Holy Spirit.  

Instead, she grabbed her favorite or newest devotional book, read the Scripture at the top of the page, the heart-warming story the author unpacked for her, and closed with the written-for-her prayer.  

Never opening her Bible.

Devotions done.

Check that off the to-do list.

I began asking God how I could help women pick up their own Bibles, meditate, and listen to what God was teaching them individually. 

2 Frustrations

In conversations with women, I realized there were at least 2 frustrations that played into women relying on others to study God’s Word for them:

  • Not knowing where to start reading.
  • Not understanding what they were reading. 

I started experimenting with writing simple, meditative reading plans that set a direction, raised curiosity through a few questions, and motivated the reader to listen and learn what the Holy Spirit was individually teaching her. The Rooted-Live format developed - a plan that is different.

The Rooted-Live Difference

  • You open your Bible - everyday.
  • You dig deep - before you read a heart-warming story.
  • You learn how to study on your own - not be spoon fed.
  • You listen to the Holy Spirit teach you from the Word.

The Rooted-Live Format

  • Every 4 to 8 weeks a new Reading Plan is released.
  • Every Monday morning, I send you an email introducing the focus for the week and the memory verse.
  • You designate a time and space in your day to spend 15 minutes working through the daily content.

The Most Important Parts of Rooted-Live

  •  Build a sacred space. Find that ideal spot and time into your life for a few distraction-free moments with your Bible and God’s presence. 
  • Open Your Bible. More than anything I want you to learn to listen to God’s voice and what he is teaching you through his Word.
  • I believe that digging into God’s Word is the KEY to become deeply rooted, so do more than just read. . . Meditate, Listen, and Apply.
  • Be Disciplined. Every woman chooses what she will add to her daily rhythm of life. CHOOSE. GOD’S WORD. DAILY.

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Let's open our Bibles and dig deep TOGETHER!