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learn, grow, and thrive.

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Are you ready to cultivate a FLOURISHING LIFE in all spaces ?


Then you are in the right place!


My name is Becky and I LOVE creating rhythms that promote health and growth.

I also love working with women like YOU - and connecting you with life springs of health to your spirit, soul, and body.


To me living a flourishing life means:

  • NOURISHING a rhythm in God's Word 
  • Living in HEALTHY community
  • Abiding in the right CAPACITY for my life and home
  • CULTIVATING what matters

and most of all. . . being a woman who is GOD-CENTERED and HOLY SPIRIT-LED.

Come, join me on a journey to learn, grow, and thrive.


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The Volcano: Summer Camp for Women

What if you could join a summer camp for women that gave you tools for healthy thinking?

You are invited to join us for a virtual summer camp experience. 

July 8-12, 2024 



FREE E-Course

Discover 3 Tools to help you establish an Everyday Rhythm in God's Word.

1. Let's talk about what distracts you!

2. Learn to Look Closer and Dig Deeper in God's Word.

3. Learn to make small changes in your habits that create BIG results.

4. Learn how to use the Blue Letter Bible, BibleHub, and BibleGateway.

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Are you right on the edge of something NEW?

Are you in a career change, or entering a new season of life?

✴️It's a NEW CHAPTER: ask God for One Word and One Verse to frame his work in you.

✴️It's a NEW SEASON of life: step into it with courage.

✴️There's a NEW INVITATION from God: follow his leadership.

A New Chapter in Your Story is About to Begin!

The 4-week Masterclass experience will lead you step-by-step into the new God-adventure coming into your life. 

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The Newest Bible Study

Where do you turn when you find yourself in dry, thirsty places?

In this NEW Bible Study with Becky you will discover that God is waiting to invigorate you with LIFE-CHANGING, energizing water.

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Look Closer Word Studies

Look Closer Word Studies will transform your study sessions into deeper and more personal clarity, insight, and wisdom: One Word at a Time.

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A Membership that Studies Together

Join Becky and a community of Spirit-led women as we journey through daily study of God's Word.

Work at your own pace or with the trie.

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About Me

Hi, I'm Becky!

I’m a 60-something wife, mom, Nana, coach, writer, teacher, organic garlic grower, live-in-the-City but farmer-at-heart, and Jesus follower.

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I am experiencing a new chapter of walking in confidence of who I am in Christ. I am learning to love people where they are at and now I am helping them to understand there is so much more in Him. Thank you, Becky!


I think in this “post covid” world we are in, women are VERY hungry for Truth, fellowship and for the Word of God to take a front row seat in their lives. Becky's curriculum helps us to gather together, open our bibles and discuss Scripture with fresh eyes and more hunger and thirst than ever before. 


Becky's studies have introduced me to the Blue Letter Bible, and pushed me into using it. This resource has become a big blessing and I am teaching my entire family how to use this resource. I feel more equipped to study instead of just reading my Bible. This is so valuable!

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