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Soil & Food

faith rooted bible reading plans May 30, 2019

I want to show you my 2 favorite potted plants on my deck last summer – Dragon Wing Begonia & Coleus. These plants started in small 10-inch pots and now are at least 4 times the size.

Beautiful Dragon Wing Begonia

Pot filled with 4 varieties Coleus.

Here’s my two secrets to great growth: Miracle Grow Potting Soil and Jack’s Petunia Feed.

  • Each year I empty half the soil out of the large deck pots and refill with fresh Miracle Grow Potting Soil (the kind that feeds for 3 months). I transfer my plants from the small 10-inch pots into the larger pots - room to grow!
  • I first learned about Jack’s Petunia Feed from a local dealer who starts his flower seeds in January. After his flowers are established, he begins to feed them this plant food EVERYDAY. When you go to his nursery to purchase around Mother’s Day it is amazing to see the size and health of each plant. I don't feed my plants everyday, but at least once a week.

Amazing Growth & Health

Friend – YOU need some Miracle Grow and Jack’s Petunia Feed in your life.

For amazing growth and health, you need the right “soil and food” – the Word of God. I am confident that if you give yourself a dose of God’s Word every day, you will begin to see a noticeable difference in your thinking, attitude, resilience, and spiritual strength.

If you bought a devotional this year and now you have tapered off in your daily reading commitment, I encourage you to pick it up and finish the year with persistence.

If you have been hit or miss with reading your Bible, I invite you to join me in my Bible Reading Plan. I have formatted this plan, so you will not feel rushed or overwhelmed. In fact, as you read and meditate on one verse per week you will find the Word of God sink deeply into your spirit and you will become healthy body, soul, and spirit.

Learn more about the Summer Reading Plans and sign up HERE.

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