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Intimacy With God

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Life can feel lonely.

People around you are cruising at a hectic speed as they circle in and out of your life. It seems, many times, that deep, intimate friendships are just out of reach because of over-scheduled calendars, lack of interest, and not knowing how to build intimacy.

Intimate, deep, caring friendships are:

  • Messy and beautiful
  • Stressful and life-giving
  • Uncomfortable and necessary

Many people avoid intimate relationships because the situation feels too vulnerable, and you are susceptible to hurt and disappointment.

But not with God.

He is leaning in and desires an intimate, real, moment-by-moment relationship with you.


An intimate relationship with your Heavenly Father may be messy, yes, because it will take honesty on your part.


At first when you learn to rearrange your schedule and prioritize your alone time with God, you may experience stressful moments.


As God gently nudges you and points out the places you can grow, you may feel uncomfortable.

Beautiful, Life-Giving, Necessary

The reward, though, will be a relationship that is beautiful, life-giving, and necessary.

Share Who You Are

Your Heavenly Father longs to come closer to you. He is intensely interested in what is going on with you and what you are facing in your every day. Share who you are — the deepest part of you — with God.

He is listening and will respond with affirmation, encouragement, love, compassion, and even, at times, a challenge and that push you need for transformation.

It is my prayer that my new devotional, Intimacy with Godwill provide you with intentional conversations that will build a deeper, more intimate relationship with your Heavenly Father.

I gave up all that inferior stuff so I could know Christ personally… (Philippians 3:10 MSG)