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Fresh Outpouring

faith family Jan 10, 2019

God, you have done it before – will you do it again? Will you send a fresh outpouring into my life?

For I will pour out water to quench your thirst and to irrigate your parched fields. And I will pour out my spirit on your descendants, and my blessing on your children.

Isaiah 44:3

Quench Your Thirst

When you are thirsty for God, you are desiring more: a flood of His Power, a saturation of His Spirit, a deluge of Living Water, and an inrush of Revelation.

Isaiah 44:3 talks about God pouring out fresh water on those who are thirsty and expands this thought in chapter 55.

  • Is anyone thirsty? Come and DRINK from me – IT’S FREE.
  • Come to me with your ears wide open. LISTEN and you will FIND LIFE.
  • SEEK the Lord and you will FIND HIM.
  • CALL on him now while HE IS NEAR.
  • HIS THOUGHTS are nothing like yours.
  • HIS WAYS are far beyond anything you can imagine.
  • He will send HIS WORD to you and it always PRODUCES FRUIT.
  • HIS WORD will ACCOMPLISH everything he wants it to in your life.
  • Live in JOY and PEACE.
  • Join the mountains and BURST INTO SONG.
  • Join the trees and CLAP YOUR HANDS.

You can believe these powerful promises. Growth will happen this year and it will bring great honor to the Lord’s name.

Parched Fields

In what areas of your life do you want to see a fresh outpouring? Where do you need fresh revelation?

  1. Faith – God, increase my faith in you. Increase my love for the Word of God. Help me remember that faith doesn’t shatter just because I am going through something hard. Faith, even the size of a mustard seed, can stand strong and move mountains.
  2. Relationships – God, I invite you to invade my relationships, especially the ones that are difficult right now. Your ways are peaceful and reconcile us to you and each other.
  3. Health – You are the healer of my body, soul, and spirit. Bring life and wholeness into my entire being.
  4. Work’s Calling – I praise you Father for the gifts and abilities you have given me. Pour your anointing into my work. Holy Spirit fill me with creativity, innovation, inspiration, and clear direction.
  5. Finances – God, release the blessings of heaven over my finances. Teach me to be responsible with your abundance and increase generosity in my life.
  6. Adventure – Open the doors in my life that only You can open. Make a way that I cannot see right now. Do above and beyond what I can even imagine.

Unleash a Fresh Outpouring

Ask God today for a fresh outpouring. Every time you are thirsty and come to Him, he tips the watering can and pours over your life.

Renew us in this day
Just like You said You would
Your Word is not in vain
Our hearts reaching heavenward

Fresh outpouring
Tear the fabric open
Come, Jesus come
Breath of heaven
Nothing left unshaken
We long for more
We need a fresh outpouring
Unleash a fresh outpouring

(Fresh Outpouring - Jesus Culture)

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