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Cravings that Don't Satisfy

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Have you noticed that cravings seem to be a basic drive of life? And curbing them takes SO MUCH WORK!

To crave something means you feel a strong powerful desire and then (most of the time) you pursue it until you get it. Only to find that it, at best, temporarily satisfies you.

Cravings of the Heart 

OK, let’s get real here!

Do I really have to call my almond milk, vanilla latte, extra hot each morning a craving? Or how about my dark chocolate with caramel afternoon treats?

Hopefully you are laughing with me as you think through your routine sweet cravings!

But what about the cravings of the heart?


Studies show that people have 3 basic cravings in life and the satisfaction of these are essential for emotional and physical health: safety, belonging, and mattering.

One of the lessons you will study in the Dig the Well Bible study is the Samaritan woman who meets Jesus at the well in John 4.


  • Did she feel safe? I doubt it. Whether she lived a promiscuous lifestyle, or was a victim of her culture, she was more than likely abused emotionally, mentally, and possibly physically.
  • Did she have a sense of belonging? No. She had come to the well at a time when no other women would be there. She didn’t fit into the community water-cooler talk. She had a hole in her heart that no earthly relationship could satisfy.
  • Did she believe her life mattered? I don’t believe so. But Jesus had something to give her that would bring purpose and fulfillment for the rest of her life.



You Are Made To Crave God

God actually created you to crave—desire, want greatly, and long for— him. But Satan will do everything possible to replace your craving, your hunger and thirst for God, with something else.

Whatever it is you greatly desire: love, admiration, acceptance, belonging, approval, or personal satisfaction—it can be found and filled in Jesus, the living water!

If you knew who I am and the gift God wants to give you. . .

John 4:10 

DIG THE WELL Bible Study



Your soul was designed to crave the words of the only One who satisfies.