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A Lenten Journey to the Cross

faith rooted bible reading plans Feb 07, 2019

Growing up in a small non-denominational church I never experienced celebrating Lent. As a child all I remember about this season was the fish sandwiches served on Fridays for school lunches. As a teenager I recall my friends joking about what they were "giving up" for Lent: homework, obeying their parents, candy and other non-committal sacrifices.

Celebrations & Ordinary Days

Last year I began to ponder the importance of the Christian calendar and looked at Biblical celebrations. I found that God ordained festivals and seasons so his people would remember and celebrate together. I concluded the value of viewing the cycle of our calendar, paying attention to the major events of our faith with focus and celebration. For me that means Advent (Christ's birth), Lent (Jesus' death and resurrection) and Pentecost (The promise of the Holy Spirit). Between those celebrations are Ordinary Days when God is always with us - speaking, leading, teaching, comforting, and renewing.

Last year I wrote a reading plan for Lent and it was a life-changing experience and impacted my life in ways that I can hardly explain. I received a greater understanding of Jesus' walk to the Cross, the prophecies fulfilled, and the significance and celebration of the death, resurrection, and ascension. I cried and worshiped through Good Friday service and Easter Sunday as each song and sermon described every story I had read over the eight weeks prior.

A Time Set Apart

Lent is a time set apart to fast, repent, pray, and remember what Jesus did on the cross. Lent is more than giving up something, enjoying Easter dinner, and then returning to normal life. It is getting closer to God and then keeping that life change forever. It is an opportunity for each of us to open our heart a little wider and understand Jesus a little deeper.

Lent is more than giving up something for 40 days. It's growing closer to God and then staying there.


I want to invite you to join the Rooted Bible Reading Plans. Each spring there is a reading plan devoted to Lent.

This reading plan is designed to allow you to slow down and contemplate each scene. You will picture the people, places, conflict, and agony. You will look into the eyes of your suffering Christ.

Give yourself time to honestly examine your life in the light of God’s Word; repent of sin and receive grace, let go of hurt and receive healing, experience life-change.

Today, let's begin something together!

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