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5 Tips for Memorizing

faith rooted bible reading plans Oct 18, 2018

There are two parts to memorizing something: getting it into your brain and then getting it out again.

Surprisingly, the first part is relatively easy. Your brain can hold a lot of information. Just think about all the song lyrics and tunes that are in your head. But getting that information out again is sometimes difficult.

Here are 5 tips for memorizing Bible verses:

Break it into small parts

Don’t try to memorize too much at one time.

This is why my Bible reading plans work so well. You only memorize one verse at a time – and you have a week to do it that is filled with other activities that stimulate your mind.

Write it down

Most people memorize faster when they are actively recording it.

Repetition over time

Say it out loud frequently over time. In my Bible reading plans we begin memorizing on Wednesday, but we have already meditated on the verse for 2 days. Now we begin to repeat it throughout the day.

Assign meaningfulness

Meditate on the verse. Allow the Holy Spirit to teach you throughout the week. As these words become meaningful, you will remember them.

Teach someone else

When you start talking about the verses you are memorizing with a friend over coffee, or create a post for social media, it will solidify the verse in your mind.

Don't get discouraged! You can do this.

Today, let's begin something together!

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