Take the 1st step toward PURPOSE and a GOD-ADVENTURE.


The Courageous Pioneer Bible Study features 4 women who blazed the path before us.
Women who lived the pioneering life:
  • Experiencing the adventure through joy and hardship.
  • Marking and improving the trail for others to follow.
  • Leaving comfortable spaces to follow God's voice.
  • Fulfilling their God-given purpose.


God’s Spirit is calling for a generation of women to rise up and be trailblazers, influencers, and difference-makers. 

Are you willing?


A Courageous Pioneer woman looks for new ways and avenues to build God’s kingdom.

What is your role?


Be a change-maker in your circles of influence.

How are you blazing a trail for others to grow closer to God?

The Courageous Pioneers Bible study will inspire and challenge you to take the next steps and fulfill the purposes God has for your life. 

Say YES to blazing the trail for others!

Say YES to pressing on!

Say YES to obedience!

Say YES to the next God-Adventure!
From Becky:

” I hear the call of God to be a courageous pioneer woman, and I believe you are also sensing the same echo of the Spirit of God across our land and our hearts.


It is similar to the call the early settlers in America heard: to head into the unknown, to discover open land, and experience new adventures.


But this call is from the heart of God - and nearer than you think.


YOU are called to advance the Kingdom of God right where God has placed you!

In Courageous Pioneers, we will look at the uncommon and unqualified commitment of four courageous Bible women:

  1. Sarah pioneered a nation.

  2. Esther pioneered freedom.

  3. Hannah pioneered the fresh voice of God.

  4. Deborah pioneered leadership.

Despite unusual, difficult, and even frightening circumstances, each of these women courageously stepped into their pioneer call and changed the course of history. 

Now, in your generation, God is calling again for change-makers, women ready and willing to embrace his heart for people and make a difference in the world.


Hear from other pioneer women just like you.

”I want to be ALL IN! I want to be sold-out for Jesus and be willing to go anywhere and do anything he asks me to do. Courageous Pioneers inspires, challenges, and helps me realize that God has a purpose-driven adventure ready for me!


”I'm an introvert and would much rather be cozy in a corner chair with a book. But I realize that God wants to stretch me and he asks me to take risks that are outside my comfort zone. These Courageous Pioneer women inspire me!


”I want to be a courageous pioneer and not let comparison, intimidation, and insecurity stop me. It's OK to not be perfect - if God has asked me to take a risk, He will help me grow in my areas of weakness.


Frequently Asked Questions
This reverberating in your heart,
this longing to serve God in new creative ways,
is waiting for your response.
  • Are you willing to leave your comfortable spaces and follow God’s voice into new ground?
  • Are you ready to take risks and trailblaze the path for others?
  • Are you ready to use your passions to develop and innovate?
  • Are you willing to be in “labor” to give birth to God’s plan?
  • Are you ready to set in motion a greater dimension of leadership in your life?



I pray that God will empower you to live worthy of all that he has invited you to experience. 
(1 Thessalonians 1:11)


Together - we are COURAGEOUS PIONEERS!

I can hardly wait to see what God does in your life and where he leads you!