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9 Powerhouse Truths that Define My Life in Christ

bible study confident ephesians 2:10 ephesians 3:20 Aug 06, 2020

I have just finished writing a NEW Ephesians Bible Study.

Confident - In My Identity and Purpose

Even though I have studied Ephesians many times, reading through the lens of my identity and purpose illuminated and reinforced TRUTH.

I have chosen just 9 truths that are resonating my heart today. There are so many more! As you read through this post, identify any lies you may be believing and replace them with the truth of God's Word.

(All quotes are from the Confident Bible Study available for sale HERE.)

God’s grace is a gift that none of us could ever earn or deserve. So, quit trying so hard to impress God or earn His applause. Stop running yourself ragged with your must-do lists thinking that if you work hard enough, volunteer in just the right church activities, and somehow squeeze in reading your Bible, that God will stamp his approval on your life. (Confident, p. 9)

Jesus is the greatest gift of all, and he has given himself and everything to you. Grace is activated in your life and is releasing the wisdom and practical understanding you need for this moment. 

Once I was mired in the old stagnant life of sin. Once I let the world tell me how to live. Once I filled my lungs with polluted unbelief and then exhaled disobedience.

BUT GOD came with mercy, grace and kindness and interrupted my mess. He said to me:

  • I choose you
  • I pick you to be my daughter
  • I love you and care for you
  • I will forgive you and give you a future (Confident, p. 28)

God, you have a story and purpose written in heaven about me. May your kingdom come, may your will be done on earth, in my life, as it is written in heaven.

I choose to believe the truth of my identity in Christ. I am a masterpiece and will fulfill all God has called me to be. (Confident, p 36)

Do you realize the enemy of your soul will reinforce any lie you have allowed in your mind to keep you from coming boldly before God?

It’s because he knows that when you realize you have free access 24/7 to God you will begin to ask boldly for the promises of God – like freedom, answers, insight, protection, confidence, provision, and grace? (Confident, p. 52)

Some people look healthy on the “outside”, but their inner man may be weak. When that is the case, they are unable to handle stress, troubles, trials, and the ups and downs of life.

I pray Paul’s prayer in Ephesians 3:14-19 that my inner man will have spiritual strength, which will lead to a deeper experience with Christ. This deeper experience will enable me to apprehend God’s great love, which will result in being filled with the fullness of God. (Confident, p. 56, 58)

This love, this power, this ability of God to work within you and accomplish “immeasurably more”, is just what you need and have available through Christ. (Confident, p 68)

As a Christ follower, I have a duty to embrace the calling God has given me and live in a way that represents Jesus. (Confident, p. 94)

As I live my life in the light, it produces the fruit of:

  • Goodness – love in action
  • Righteousness – right character before God and man
  • Truth – living a mode of life that is in harmony with the Word and the will of God.(Confident, p. 112)

I am not fighting FOR victory – I am fight FROM victory. I am standing firm filled with the Lord’s power and strength. (Confident, p. 133)

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